Standing Up For What’s Right

Welcome to the elect Mayor Marty Lisonbee website. I wanted to offer you an overview of myself and my views and positions as your mayor on some of the issues we face in Apple Valley.

Doing what’s right for the community always guides my decisions. I want to hear from everyone how they feel about Apple Valley and our issues. Listening helps me make informed decisions on the Towns behalf.

Apple Valley Is Your Town

I look out for each of you every day. Being Mayor means acting on your behalf to make Apple Valley a better place. We’ve implemented surveys on the Town’s website to solicit community feedback. This feedback is vital to me, the planning commission and town council members in their decision process. Someone told me recently how much they appreciate the survey’s and my willingness to ask before changing policies and ordinances that affect everyone. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why Marty Lisonbee For Mayor

Marty Lisonbee

We’re a small rural community with a diverse population of people with just as many viewpoints. One thing we all agree on is where we want to live. Our reasons for wanting to live here are also closely aligned as well. We love the country atmosphere, the open space, the night skies and riding a four-wheeler to check our mail. I hope that never changes.

So why do I want to be Mayor? I have the desire to serve my community. I am a visionary who can lead, direct and get things done. I’m the kind of person that likes things to work and be efficient. If it’s not working, let’s fix it. I’m a problem solver. I see solutions where others only see the issues. Just because someone tells me something can’t be done, doesn’t keep me from trying. I enjoy giving back to the community. I have the time. I have the ability. I am focused on steering Apple Valley into the future as we all envision it. I listen and encourage community input.  My door is always open, and I always answer my phone.

Let’s Get To Work

We are a community of volunteers. I include myself as a volunteer. I donate my salary and traditionally paid benefits back to the town to fund projects that are needed. I’ve never turned in a mileage or lunch reimbursement to the town. I buy my gas. I pay my cell phone bills. Historically, this hasn’t happened before me. I do this because I love this town and frankly, the Town can’t afford to pay all of this.