Truth & Transparency

Truth is a powerful thing. I’m going to share what is really going on that most of you don’t know. I’m calling out the Good Ol’ Boys Club called the SSD.

I like to talk about the positive things I’ve done for the community and focus on my vision of the future, but the opposition is spreading so many lies about me, I thought I’d give you a fact check page so you can see how they are trying to spin what really happened. Remember to follow the money. Who has skin in the game, or shall we say, want their hands in the Town’s pocketbook. Who’s going after bloated health and retirement benefits. They are the ones spinning the lies. I don’t take anything from the Town. I’m setting a new standard by volunteering as Mayor and giving my salary and benefits back to the Town to use in other ways.

I’ll tell you what really happened, and from there, you can see how they are trying to spin it. I’ll always try to include confirming evidence you can review.

I’ll also add in information and supporting documents regarding my decision process on how we’ve got here on what I see as key turning points. There is a lot of information that I have as Mayor. Things the opposition don’t want you to know. I’ll give you the facts and stay away from the low brow name calling. I’m not sure you need to read any of this to see whose heart is in the right place, who is looking out for the community, and who actually has ideas for the community issues.

Here is What They Say:

I fired Rod Mills the Town Engineer

Why I stopped the Cannan Springs Pipeline

Here is What You Should Know: