About the Candidate Marty Lisonbee

Marty Lisonbee, Mayor with Max the Clydesdale

I’ve called Apple Valley my home for about 13 years. Moving to Apple Valley was a goal of mine long before I met my wife. She’s lived in Apple Valley for 25 years.

Hint of Impression

Tish and I married close to 11 years ago. I have two children and three stepchildren, two dogs and three horses. When it came time to build us our forever home, Tish and I spent every weekend for two months, driving to every corner of the county trying to find the views and the small town feel that we had in Apple Valley. We found ourselves buying a lot two doors down from our old home. We realized how lucky we are to live in this beautiful place we call home.

Having horses was new to me. I remember finding a sense of peace in the simple act of feeding and cleaning stalls every day. An activity I had never experienced before. It was easy to fall in love with the horses, and they’re different personalities. My first love, besides my wife, was Hint. Hint of Impression was a pretty boy standing at 16.2 hands. Then our Clydesdale Max came along. He’s like having a Lab standing around. He is indeed a gentle giant. Some of you may know me as the flute maker, and some may be surprised by the unusual hobby. I got interested in the native flute when I walked into a flute playing class one day offered in Springdale UT. I couldn’t play a note on any instrument let alone a flute. I loved the music, and gradually self-taught myself how to play with some competency. There weren’t going to be any record deals in my near future.😬 Then I got the bright idea I should learn how to make them. 

Making flutes was very rewarding. Crafting a musical instrument from a piece of wood was pretty cool for me. It allowed me to explore an artistic side of myself as I pushed the design and creative elements flute after flute. Developing the sound of the instruments was another critical element. Making flutes allowed me to hone my woodworking skills in a direction I hadn’t explored in the past. I took a break from flute making in 2012 to work on other projects going on in my life at that time. The tools and desire to get back in the shop are still there.

Professional Life

In my professional life, I was in the mortgage business for about 15 years. I managed a mortgage office as well as doing loan originations. Working in that business required me to be able to read and understand financial documents as well as budgeting and the profit and loss of a company. I watched people make good and bad financial choices every day. Financially speaking I would say I’m not a risk taker. I prefer making financial decisions based on sound historical facts absent of unicorns and rainbows (wishful thinking financing). I also prefer to run a company lean and mean. I also feel that one of my strongest attributes is the ability to negotiate. My lifetime experience negotiating and understanding negotiation dynamics has already been instrumental in saving money for the Town. I’ve been around the construction industry from the lending side, and I’ve built several homes in my life, so I have hands-on experience with the building process. My father was in the construction business when I was a kid and every summer it was building or remodeling something. Then In May of 2018, I volunteered to be on the planning commission where I served until the Town Council asked me to accept the position of Mayor in September of 2018. We had many problems I had to solve along the way. I can say we are in a much better place right now then when I arrived. Listen to the Town Finance video to get an update on the state of the Town finances.