Comments: Mayor Lisonbee is the only choice for Mayor of our great town. Mayor truly puts the best interest of the town before his own. When he makes a decision he makes it on behalf of the town and not his own agenda. 

Comments: Marty has been the best Mayor to work with.  Meetings are open and shared on line.  Working with us on the planning commission he has shared his vision and we share where we want Apple Valley to grow with all residents in mind.  Let's make sure to keep the best talent and hardest working person on the job.  Janet Prentice,  Co-Chair Apple Valley Planning Commissioner 

Kelly Murie
My name is Kelly Murie and I support Mayor Marty for re-election as mayor of Apple Valley. I have known Marty for about 20 years and have seen him in his highs and in his lows-in business and as a family man. Marty has consistently demonstrated the highest standards of moral integrity. He is thoughtful of others. He helps others succeed. He is generous and is an excellent businessman. His well honed decision making ability allows him to think on his feet and move forward with principle based goals. It is easy for less qualified people to criticize someone like Marty who is on the front line and actually calling the shots but real life requires that leaders lead which is what Marty does. I trust Marty to lead Apple Valley into its future and to be the Mayor who presides in equity for all the residents.

Maria Campbell
I can’t wait for the opportunity to vote for Marty Lisonbee for Mayor of our Town of Apple Valley. There are numerous reasons to support Marty. Here are my main reasons: One important reason is that Marty has been donating his personal time to listen to people’s concerns and does his best to seek common ground. In addition he gives his Mayor’s paycheck to make improvements that benefit our town. An example is the upgrade of our town’s website. As a result this new website increased transparency and it’s easier to navigate. Mayor Marty Lisonbee works to improve our community without the need to self-aggrandize. Mayor Marty Lisonbee’s open communication, volunteer experience in our community and knowledge of the issues make him the right choice for our town of Apple Valley.







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