They say: “He fired the town’s engineer Rod Mills and then tried to steal credit for some of his ideas”

It’s hard to believe they want to go here, but this is what really happened. Remember I was appointed Mayor on September 5th of 2018. Rod Mills suggested to me that we could apply for a FEMA grant to fund the drainage issues for the Town. He said this is a relatively new program that funds mitigation issues to avoid future higher cost disasters. He suggested a 2-3 million dollar grant to do this. We talked about his fee for doing this would come out of the Grant proceeds when the Grant was funded. I expressed how vital this is to the community and said to Rod, I need you to be a friend for a minute. If you don’t have time to do this application, please tell me so I can find someone who can. We have people flooding, and I can’t wait one more season to do this. He assured me he would get this done.

In the meantime, I was courted by other engineering firms, and I asked questions about this FEMA program. One of them mentioned he was aware of it and that the program required a 25% match to the Grant amount being requested. I asked Rod about this, and he said they must be talking about a different program. Rod said he’s not aware of any matching funds required for the program he is suggesting. In October of 2018, I asked again if he had the time to do this Grant application reminding him of how desperately we need to complete this application for 2018. I gave him an out, suggesting I can still turn this over to another firm because I can’t wait another calendar year to do this. He said he could. Then just before Thanksgiving, Rod said he needed some help completing the application as far as some of the documentation. We may need to organize a committee to help expedite this. I said that wouldn’t be a problem, when do you want to do this? He said right after Thanksgiving I’ll call you and let’s have a meeting. He also emailed me a flyer of the Grant we were applying for and not to my surprise, it required us to come up with 25% matching funds. That would be $500,000 if we asked for a 2 million dollar Grant. $500,000 we don’t have. . . . And I’m still waiting for that phone call today about the committee meeting.

They say I fired him. I haven’t even talked to him. He never even called me to say I’m sorry I missed the deadline for the application, which was in early December of 2018. Rod Mills dropped the ball.

Here is a copy of the email from Rod Mills dated 11-21-2018

Rob Mills Email

This is the Attachment 1.pdf referenced in the email. I highlighted where it says we’d have to bring in 25% of the funds to the table.

And for the fun of it, let’s also include another email dated 11-14-2109 from FEMA asking Rod Mills to complete the NOI (Notice of Interest) paperwork online. This is 2 months after we’ve begun this process and he still hadn’t done the application.