Town Issues

We have many issues in Apple Valley that affect all of us. Mayor Marty Lisonbee is a problem solver and sees solutions to issues rather than getting lost in the problem.  Mayor Lisonbee has created videos on a few of the Town issues as he sees them and offers some possible solutions. If you have an issue you’d like to see on this list, send a message to the Mayor from the contact form or give him a call. Marty’s cell number 435-680-2629.

Town Finances

What is going on with the Towns Finances? Are we broke? Why was our budget so inflated compared to prior years?


Growth And What To Do About It


What can we do about growth? Can we stop growth? Should we stop growth? Where should we allow growth? 

Supporting Information

USA Today





What can we do about our roads? What is the difference between a dedicated road and non-dedicated? When will we pave them?



Transparency is a political campaigns favorite buzz word. I’ve taken this to a whole new level for our Town. 



We are a community of volunteers. Neighbors helping neighbors. We have many people that help out our community in different ways. 


Drainage And How To Fix It

What can we do about our drainage problems?